Library Rules and Regulations

All persons registered as members of the Library shall be required to abide by the following regulations of the Library.

i) Order and silence shall be maintained in the Library at all times.
ii) Food and beverages are NOT allowed in the Library.
iii) Use of cell phones is NOT allowed in the Library.
iv) Sleeping in the Library is NOT allowed.
v) Brief cases, bags, overcoats and umbrellas shall be kept at the laggage area.
vi) The mutilation, marking or defacing of any Library materials is prohibited.

i) University students may borrow four books for two weeks.
ii) Lecturers may borrow five books for three weeks.
iii) Once borrowed books may be retained for a further period provided they are brought in for re-date stamping and are not in demand by another user.
iv) The Librarian will reserve any book for any user for 7 days.
v) No one may take any book out of the library unless it is properly issued by the Librarian.
vi) If a book is noticed to be in a damaged condition it should be pointed out to the Librarian on duty so that the book is withdrawn for the necessary repairs.
vii) Books must not be passed between users but must be returned direct to the Library for proper re-issuing.
viii) Periodicals, magazines and newspapers may NOT be borrowed or removed from the Library.

Fines and Charges
i) A fine of Ksh.10 per day will be charged for any book whose return is overdue.
ii) If any book is not returned for four weeks after it is due, the borrower concerned will be charged its replacement value and an additional of 50% of that book value as a fine. (But if it is then returned and the appropriate fine paid such charges shall be withdrawn).
iii) If any book is damaged (and the marking of books will be regarded as damage) or lost the borrower concerned will be charged its replacement value or a proportion of such value and an additional of 50% of that book value as a fine.
iv) It is the responsibility of the borrower to see to that a book is in good order when borrowed and if a book is returned in a damaged condition it will be assumed it has been damaged whilst in the possession of the last borrower.

Withdrawal of Facilities
i) The University Librarian may withdraw Library facilities from any Library user who in his/her opinion disregards Library regulations and the matter shall be further referred to the University Library Committee for confirmation or otherwise at its next meeting.
ii) The University Librarian may temporarily withdraw such facilities from any member who in his/her opinion disregards Library regulations.

Use of Electronic Resources
i) Library users are to safeguard access to e-resources by not sharing their user name and password.
ii) The Library will limit the use of the e-books and e-journals acquired on subscription basis to non-commercial, educational and research purposes.
iii) Users may print, download or quote limited amount of information with proper attribution.
iv) Users may copy an article for their own learning or research.
v) Users may create a link to a journal article on a published or aggregate web site.
vi) Users may not copy or systematically download large amounts of information.
vii) Users may not distribute copies of materials to individuals or groups.