Research at Riara University

Research is an integral part of any institution of higher learning the world over and institutions that are strong in research work are highly ranked across the world. Any credible

institution takes pride in being home to recognizable research that produces insights toward the various challenges and problems in the society.

Riara University, whose vision is “to be a leading university in the world and a Centre of Excellence in Scholarship, Research and Training,” aspires to be such an institution that engages in research for the sole purpose of generating of knowledge and questioning practice. The research policy at Riara University seeks to develop and encourage faculty and students to conduct research that is responsive to the contemporary needs of the 21st century society. In summary, some of the activities that the research section seeks to engage in include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Encouraging faculty and students to conduct research that is relevant to the wider society;
  2. Seeking collaboration with other academic institutions towards collaborative research;
  3. Seeking funding for research from both internal and external sources;
  4. Overseeing the publication of journals by the various Schools at the university;
  5. Holding faculty seminars on a regular basis to enable faculty and students interact on topical issues and engage in ongoing research projects.

The research committee welcomes new ideas that will contribute to the growth of research activities at Riara University.

Detailed information on the Riara University Research Policy can be accessed from the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s (Academic Affairs) office